The links on this page are all utilities and programs that are free to use.  These programs were not developed by our team, but but are ones that we feel comfortable recommending to our customers for specific use depending on the situation at hand.  A lot of these utilities are also available for your android phone (check out the play store on your android phone).

Protection Tools


AVG Antivirus - Best free antivirus available with live protection against viruses, spyware, ransomware, & other malware.  Block unsafe links, downloads, & email attachments.  Scan for PC Performance problems.  Get real time-security updates.

Threats are constantly out there, so protect your information with these recommended tools.


Avast Antivirus - Lightweight and intuitive protection powered by a community over 400 million strong.
This is next-gen cyber-security for all.

Malware Bytes Logo.png

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware - Get comprehensive cybersecurity that blocks malware, hackers, viruses, ransomware, and malicious websites. You’re protected from threats that traditional antivirus isn’t smart enough to stop.­


Don't just use the software provided by your computer provider.  There are a lot better options available.


Firefox - a great browser alternative to chrome.  While not as rich in applications it also does not eat up memory like chrome.  If memory is an issue, we highly recommend firefox.

chrome logo.png

Chrome - A fast, secure and free browser for all your devices. Custom theme & extensions. Designed to keep you safe. Type less with Autofill. One browser, all devices.  Best rated browser but only if you have the memory to support the background extensions (these can be turned off when closed).


Thunderbird - A free email application that’s easy to set up and customize - and it’s loaded with great features!


Open Office - A free and open source productivity suite, it is an excellent option to the Microsoft Office productivity line.  Did we mention that this is free also?

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